The Zumba dance

Dance and Weak!

The Zumba dance, which was found by chance and aerobic trainer Beto Perez in 1990, means; it means dancing with a fast rhythm. Popular in recent years, Zumba is known as a type of fitness rather than a type of dance. Attracting attention especially by women, Zumba is quite enjoyable as it contains salsa and fitness movements.

Zumba dance; It is made with the music of dances such as bachata, salsa, cha-cha, merengue, rumba and allows you to learn how to dance with fun. With Tanju Yıldırım Academy Zumba course, you can both have fun and dance. Do not miss our educational opportunities…

Why Zumba Course? Advantages of Zumba

Besides being a delightful dance type, Zumba should be a part of your life with its psychological and physical benefits. In addition to dancing thanks to Zumba courses:

  • You will get your body in shape.
  • You will get away from the stress of daily life.
  • You will feel more dynamic and energetic.
  • You will have a fit and healthy body.
  • You will correct your posture.
  • You will get tight and burn your fat.
  • You will feel happy about having fun.
  • You will make new friends.
With Zumba training, you will look at life from a completely different perspective and you will not be able to stop without dancing.

How is Zumba Made?

Zumba does not have rules like halls or social dances. Essentially, it is performed using Latin dance steps, accompanied by Latin music. At this stage, the movements and construction of the staple are left to the creativity of the trainer.

However, during the Zumba lessons, basic Latin steps are shown and from simple to difficult. Enabling dancers and students to improvise, Zumba is a dance that can always be improved. The Zumba, which is made with fast and dynamic movements, especially helps to tighten the leg muscles, while also accelerating fat burning.

Tanju Yıldırım Academy instructors, “How to make Zumba?” will answer your questions with pleasant lessons …

Dance Nights and Event

Dance nights and organizations where you will find the opportunity to reinforce what you have learned.

Modern Trainings

Modern dance methods applied in the world, international course contents.

Economic Trainings

Economic payment options and campaign training in dance classes.

Private Lesson Opportunities

Special dance lesson opportunities for dance enthusiasts who do not want to receive group education.

Who Can Do It?

Since Zumba is both a dance and fitness type, it can be made by anyone who wants it. However, if you have muscle and joint disorders that will prevent you from performing zumba movements, it will be healthy to get permission from your doctor. Apart from that, anyone from 7 to 70 can do the stress to stress and get in shape. The Zumba course has a life-saving feature especially for those who work hard. Don’t miss the opportunity of Tanju Yıldırım Academy zumba course!

Zumba Course Duration

Zumba course will last a lifetime… There is no end time for Zumba compared to other dances. After learning, you can zoom for any amount of time. Zumba courses draw your way by showing only simple to difficult zoom movements. However, if you want to make a social zumba, a 2 – 3 month training will be sufficient. In order to become a zumba instructor or to make advanced zumba, you will need to devote more than 6 months to zumba.

Zumba Course Fees

Zumba course fees;

  • Whether it is in the form of private lessons or group education,
  • Whether there is an adult or child group,
  • The duration of the training,
  • Opportunities offered,
  • It is shaped according to the number of weekly lessons and training programs.

The amount of time you want to make the piggy bank may vary according to this period. When choosing a Zumba course, pay more attention to the professionalism of the instructor, the quality of the dance course, its location and the possibilities you have before the price.

A Healthy and Happy Life with Tanju Yıldırım Academy!

Do you have classes where you can not stand at your place with Tanju Yıldırım Academy Zumba course, where you will have fun and open the doors of a healthy life?

If you wish, you can receive special education or a hobby that you cannot give up. If you wish, you can come to the Zumba with your children and introduce them to dance. You can call us to study in our spacious and comfortable classes, to learn about Zumba dance fees and training programs.

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