The Best Strategy Games

“The concept of Strategy, by the Greek Estrategía…” As we all know, behind a large troop, there is a great strategy, and it is for you, Gamers Strategists, that we made this list! So, enjoy and don’t let the grenade fall!


1- Hearts of Iron IV

We opened our list with a great game! Hearts of Iron IV is one of the best known titles with the theme of strategy and World War II. Control any country during this troubled period and with the greatest conflicts known to mankind!

2 XCOM 2

The Aliens have taken over the planet and you lead the combat force made to fight the invaders in XCOM 2 . Upgrade your soldiers, your equipment and keep all warriors alive during this story … if you can.

3- Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

In an emergency measure, the Soviet Union goes back in time to change history and restore the glory of Mother Russia. Creating a new timeline, new technologies are created and need to be mastered, which ended up creating World War III.

4- Banner Saga Trilogy

With 3 titles they have incredible stories, so there is nothing more fair than occupying the same position in our list of strategy games. The Banner Saga trilogy tells the story of a Viking saga, with complex and engaging characters that is indispensable for any gamer.

5- Warcraft III

A timeless classic and still referenced today. Warcraft lives in the heart of all gamers of the 90s, and the third title was something so surprising and innovative, that it ended up combining elements of strategy and RPG games , in addition to creating the famous MOBA genre . If this is not something remarkable, then I don’t know what is.

6- Europa Universalis 4

Create, expand and consolidate your empire over the centuries in Europa Universalis 4 . With really accurate historical details and incredible freedom of play, it is a great simulator of diplomatic and dominance strategies for all fans of strategy game

7- Civilization Franchise

Another franchise that dominates a place on almost every strategy game list, Civilization is a handful franchise. With turn-based strategies, you must guide your civilization from the earliest times to space exploration. You will also interact with some of the greatest names in human history during your journey.


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