Savannah cat

The Savannah cat is a delightful and beautiful cat. It is popular in almost every country in the world. Its amazing looks and exceptional temperament make this cat sought after by thousands.

The Savannah is a man-made cat. Breeder first bred the African serval to a series of domestic cats to get to their first fertile male. In current days, existing Savannahs are still bred to the serval.  This strengthens the good looks of varying generations of Savannah cat.

Generations come into play with any hybrid cat.  Registration papers depend on knowing how far back in the ancestry the serval is. When a breeding a serval to a Savannah the resultant kitten is an F1. When an breeding an F1 female to a fertile Savannah male the kittens are F2 generation. Each generation further from the serval the F number increases.  This happens until F4 and then the Savannahs are SBT.

SBT is a term The International Cat Association (TICA) uses. It is an acronym for Stud Book Traditional. It basically means purebred. No other cats in the three-generation pedigree other than the breed in question. Once a cat, any cat, reaches SBT level it is eligible to show in a TICA show hall. F1 through F3 Savannahs cannot be shown.

The Savannah’s popularity, however, comes not from showing. It comes from it’s unique looks. This cat is tall, with very large ears. Its eyes are hooded as though it has a heavy brow. They are set wider apart than the normal cat which lends to its exotic looks.

The nose is wide and not at all pointy. The end of the nose, the part without hair is puffy and wraps up over the top a bit. The jawline is wide up near the eyes and the jaw ends up at the chin in a noticeable angle. The entire head seems a little out of proportion, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom and big ears stuck on top of it. But, the head is small in proportion to the rest of the body.

The legs tend to be one of the longest legs on a cat in the cat fancy. In contrast the tail is short and thick.

The Savannah has a long body. Unlike most cats, the top of the back and the belly do not run parallel. The underbelly is horizontal to the end of the ribs. Then, that line turns upwards slightly going toward the back end of the body. We call this a slight tuck-up. The only other domestic cat that has a tuck up is the Cornish Rex. The tuck-up in the Rex is much more pronounced.

Musculature on a Savannah is best described as swimmer’s muscles. They are a very athletic and active cat and they do have very strong muscled. Yet, they should never have heavy set muscles.

As mentioned in the beginning, the Savannah has a wonderful disposition. They are interactive and happy to please. The Savannah is a family cat and can be a one-person cat.  It’s hard to make a mistake owning one.

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